Carroll Zahorsky, MD is a plastic surgeon in Kansas City . He was the first to bring the FDA approved SmartLipo to Kansas City in May, 2007. He is also the  founder of RE SURGENCE. This is a center of plastic surgery excellence and non-surgical care along with products and services for better living in mind, body, and spirit.  RE SURGENCE is a place of holistic reforming and reshaping those parts of you that will help in the resurgence of your living.

 Dr. Zahorsky:

  • Founded the Zahorsky Surgical Center in Kansas City in 1972, one of the first free standing full ambulatory surgery centers in the United State and the first in Kansas City .
  • Founded The Zahorsky Institute of Self Improvement in Kansas City in 1979, one of the first walk in and out full wellness centers in the United States .
  • Was the creator of one of the first major public forums focusing on choices for woman 25 years ago when he produced The Woman’s World Expo ’84, in Kansas City . That was a marvelous production and contribution to the advancement of women’s choices and options.
  • Hosted his own DR Z BETTER LIVING Radio Show for nearly 2 years in Kansas City in 2005 and 2006.
  • Is an accomplished author and has written books about plastic surgery, inspiration, motivation, and family that have left impacts on lives too immense to measure. He has traveled and spoken to thousands and thousands of people about ways of helping them improve the quality of their lives.
  • Formed SPARE International to develop a forum for supporting and advancing the value of family in communities world wide.
  • Has been active in United Nations efforts to advance the Declaration of Universal Human Rights. He is actively involved in helping establish, advance, and preserve human rights and freedoms around the globe.
  • Has worked to develop a system for wood recycling that can have a major impact on minimizing the waste of wood and preserving our trees and rainforests. He is a strong advocate for advancing and helping preserve a healthy global environment.
  • Has been devoted to his family and a devoted Dad prioritizing his sons throughout all of his endeavors.

Now Dr. Zahorsky has partnered to help share Zenergy Water with the world.

As a medical doctor and plastic surgeon he knows the critical importance of proper hydration on all aspects of our health and well being.  He highly recommends Zenergy Water to everyone to help improve the overall wellness and quality of living.  He believes Zenergy Water helps our bodies address one of the basic underlying reasons for many health issues and diseases -- dehydration.  Zenergy Water is also an extension of his belief that "better living matters” holistically for everyone in mind, body, and spirit.


*Each Bottle of Zenergy Water equals approximately a month supply for one person.


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