Get Involved! Its really very simple wear a wristband, wear a t-shirt, use products that empower, enrich and better your life tell others to do the same.  As people around the world declare their support to make a positive change in their lives and on the planet, more and more people will listen to the movement we are creating.  

The strength of Create the Change is our broad grassroots support from people like you.  By purchasing products that help you better your life, you are fueling the movement which will create the change for others in need.  Its the giving and receiving principal at work.  You are receiving what you need and giving effortlessly to others at the same time.ney on to projects.
wires @ charityis.com

Be a part of the Change.  Sponsers are providing gifts in kind and special partnerships allow Create The Change to keep administration and production costs low.  This allows us to direct more funds to people and projects.

If you own or manufacture a product, or have a service, or idea that you would love to see included in Create The Change   >> Contact Us Here

If you or your company would simply like to be a sponsor in exchange for a gift in kind    >>Contact Us Here

Want to Volunteer?  
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If you have a skill, service, or other business related items to help with, please review our >> Needs List  and feel free to contact us. 

If you want to simply make a contribution to the Outreach program or our sustainable projects by simply making a donation you can do that too.  Click Below to donate by PayPal

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Shop for products for you and your loved ones. 100% of all profits are used to make a positive difference in the world

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