A portion of every bottle of Zenergy Water sold is used to support causes related to helping our planet.

Recycling  *  Social and Environmental Awareness

Used Plastic Water Bottles in landfills is an increasing concern.  Create The Change is committed to supporting efforts to help reduce this problem.  Using Zenergy Water helps breaking the corporate stranglehold on consumer choices in their quest for clean, safe, healthy water.  

We offer an alternative positive choice when choosing a natural  water. Using Zenergy helps reduce plastic in landfills and reduces the amount of contamination in our environment used in the manufacture of excess plastic bottles. 

Learn More  about how using Zenergy Water can help address the problem of unrecycled, excess plastic water bottles contaminating our environment. 

Two main solutions are recycling and a bottle deposit on plastic bottles, such as those used for water and other non-carbonated drinks such as fruit juice, that currently have no deposit.  31% of soda bottles were recycled in 2002, BUT we only recycled 11% of water bottles. Financial incentives, in the form of refundable deposits, provide a collection infrastructure that works both at home and away from home.

A portion of every bottle of Zenergy Water sold will be donated to help support these two important causes.   We will be donating to and supporting such groups as The Container Recycling Institute and groups promoting a national bottle bill for deposits on water bottles.   

Our commitment is strong to support education and organizations that inspire social and environmental awareness, and the long-term protection and enhancement of our natural environment.  You can help today, by making the switch from other bottled waters to Zenergy.    

When you drink Zenergy, you will not only be helping the planet, but also yourself. Once you try it and see how it makes you feel you will realize it is better for you. 



 One bottle is approximately a month supply for one person.

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