What is Zenergy Water?

Zenergy is a water designed with YOU in mind. 

Zenergy was created to address the energies of our body, mind, and spirit.

Designed to help power change and energy within so you can help create and promote positive energy and vibrations of change to the world. 

Our vision is for Zenergy to help you to spread positive energy, inspire people to visualize amazing possibilities in their lives, and carry those vibrations throughout the world.

Zenergy is set apart from other bottled waters by not only it's intention, but also it's purity, structure, and  the immediate benefits to others that are reaped with every bottle.  This includes direct community outreach programs, supporting aid to those in need, supporting world water education and bring peace, kindness, and good will to everyone worldwide. 

Zenergy is taking on the a billion dollar corporate water industry with the grassroots support of people just like you. Create The Change is committed to those who want the best water they can drink without being tied to large corporations who promote inferior water and care more about their bottom line, than about their customers.  Create The Change is committed to addressing and working together with you to address the issues important to you. 

Zenergy is for people who understand and desire to help make a change, not only in themselves, but in the world.  Zenergy is for people who hold true the values of truth, simplicity, love, and service.   

Enjoy the purity and benefits of drinking Zenergy and make a difference at the same time.

Try a bottle of Zenergy and see how you feel.

Truth  Simplicity  Love  Service 

We guarantee you will love it!

1 Bottle Zenergy Water $25.00  

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 Want to learn more? Details on the importance of Zenergy

Zenergy Water is a concentrate and is added to steam distilled water to infuse and create the best water you can give to your mind and body. One bottle of Zenergy makes up to 8 gallons of water, so you can enjoy it every day.  Most Zenergy water drinkers will not drink any other type of water!

Please recycle Zenergy is a concentrate sold in an 8oz.cobalt blue    PET1 grade bottles.  These are among the safest food grade bottles available. As a concentrate Zenergy is more earth-friendly as it helps reduce the amount of plastic in landfills.  

Our Zenergy guarantee is that the water will always have a pure, crisp, clean taste. Purity, safety and the highest quality water are the standards by which we make Zenergy available.  You will never discover Zenergy came from a tap or a treated municipal water supply!

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